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Within our Earth’s interior, tectonic and orogenic processes produce great heat and pressure that, given much time, create the sapphire, whose faultless beauty and unbelievable durability have fascinated us since time immemorial.

A gift for precision and a playful urge to develop the new out of different materials, combined with a passion for creating love out of beauty, a love that by no coincidence is reflected in one of the most beautiful watches – that is Rolf von Burg, the face and soul of SARO-Gem.

With a company history of almost 100 years, SARO-Gem represents a piece of the history of Swiss watchmaking, and takes a great step foreward with its sapphire wrists straps, unique worldwide…

One doesn’t simply wear a SARO-Gem. With your individual SARO-Gem on your wrist, you show character and underline your life philosophy.

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BuonGusto 43

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Sapphires, like rubies, belong to the so-called corundum group of minerals. In antique times, lapis lazuli was also designated a type of sapphire. The word sapphire originally comes from Hebrew and means blue stone.

A stone with magical qualities
In earlier times, the sapphire was rumoured to have magical powers: it was supposed to protect travellers, make journeys as comfortable as possible, and ward off plague and illness.

The blue heaven stone was also considered to bring its owner peace and thoughtfulness. It also stood for chastity and immortality. In Persia, it was even thought that the entire universe rests on a sapphire.

The histories and emotions around this unique precious stone have captured our imaginations. Its everlasting beauty and enormous strength are the secret of our unique collection of watches. Create your own piece of jewellery from a multitude of freely combinable single parts – your masterpiece, which will accompany you throughout time.

Create your
own personal
BuonGusto 43

Novelty - Integral 32 Jubilé

Beauty without transitions

Brand New - Jubilé Edition with 10 or 11 Diamonds

Just like the Integral Dome model, the Integral 32 fits perfectly into our collection. Beautiful and without transitions, however, a little bigger, namely 32x32 mm, it nestles against your wrist. The wide sapphire band is ideal for personal engraving such as names, figures or numbers.

The dial is available in blue, black and anthracite. The version with unique mother of pearl is even equipped with 10 diamonds.

New - Integral Globe 24 h

The world is your home

Die Integral Globe 24 h impresses with its timeless design and a touch of retro-romance. Whether worn as part of a leisure look or a business wardrobe - the Integral Globe’s simple elegance makes a statement on the wearer’s wrist.

The robust, Swiss-produced quartz watch mechanism and the unique qualities of the sapphire watch bracelet, paired with your own personal taste, make your Integral Globe a unique masterpiece.

Santiago de Chile, Sydney, Basel or London… you can easily set the local time, without losing track of the time back at home. With your Integral Globe, two watches are combined within one watch mechanism.

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