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Every era produces its own society. Every individual seeks to develop themself and find their own place within their environment.

For as long as we have inhabited the Earth, we have underlined our desire for individuality. The diversity of this is almost limitless. SARO-Gem has absorbed the wish for individuality, and made it a philosophy. Together with each customer, we create a unique and personal one-off piece.

Experience what it means to be creative yourself, and to develop your own wristwatch without compromise.
Whether for you personally or for someone else, as a token of your great esteem.

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NEW - Integral 32 Jubilé

BuonGusto 43 Jubilé

Classic, discreet, elegant – the BuonGusto 43 Jubilé is a wristwatch with style. The subtle difference to the BuonGusto 43 is the possibility to create accents with diamonds.

The many facets of the the various individual parts allow our customers to create their own individual piece of jewellery. In choosing a SARO-Gem wristwatch, you make a choice for your own personality. It makes no difference whether you choose a sapphire watch bracelet or a leather Watch bracelet. What’s certain is that your BuonGusto 43 Jubilé will give you pleasure every day.

Our newly developed configurator allows you to immerse yourself in the world of SARO-Gem. Let your fantasies run wild. I’m sure you’ll be inspired! The BuonGusto 43 is one of centrepieces of the house of SARO-Gem.

Integral Globe 24 h

The world is your home

Die Integral Globe 24 h impresses with its timeless design and a touch of retro-romance. Whether worn as part of a leisure look or a business wardrobe - the Integral Globe’s simple elegance makes a statement on the wearer’s wrist.

The robust, Swiss-produced quartz watch mechanism and the unique qualities of the sapphire watch bracelet, paired with your own personal taste, make your Integral Globe a unique masterpiece.

Santiago de Chile, Sydney, Basel or London… you can easily set the local time, without losing track of the time back at home. With your Integral Globe, two watches are combined within one watch mechanism.

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