Manufacture SARO-Gem Watches

The manufacture

The quality

SARO-Gem uses only genuine diamonds. A corresponding certificate is also provided. The vast majority of the components are produced in Switzerland In addition: SARO-Gem is the only watchmaker worldwide to use precious stones across the entire surface of the Watch bracelet and watch head. In 1989, SARO-Gem developed and patented a crown which, thanks to its unusual construction, remains perfectly waterproof and even seawater-proof over the years.

The guarantee

SARO-Gem offers a full worldwide guarantee of ten years, unique in the industry. This covers all components such as movement, case and strap, as well as the colour fastness of the gemstones.

The sapphire watch braclet

SARO-Gem’s sapphire watch bracelet is unique worldwide. You can personalise your sapphire watch bracelet with an engraving. We are constantly working to expand our repertoire. Let us help you discuss the possibilities.

The sapphire glas

Do you want something special as a customer? How about something applied to the sapphire glass? On exposure to light, the chosen motif will then cast a beautiful shadow on the watch face.


Precious stones – a safe investment, favoured by kings. Valuable and indestructible – the ultimate in charisma – the maximum in durability. A SARO-Gem luxury watch uses up to 100 carats of this valuable material. That’s why. And because we patented the special processing steps in 1985 and 1999, luxury wristwatches from SARO-Gem are considered the world’s most scratch-resistant watches - surpassing anything that has been previously offered.


varieties of individual configurations

BuonGusto 43

configure your own now

Individual design elements

It is not just the quality of the materials used and the design that makes our watches so special, but also the possibility to create your own unique piece. We work constantly to improve the possibility of making our exclusive sapphire watch bracelets even more attractive. It is the daily challenge that drives us forward and gives us great pleasure in our work.

For engravings on the sapphire watch bracelet, the creative possibilities are virtually endless. For example your initials, the classic edelweiss, the beautiful Appenzeller silhouette, the airport codes of your favourite destinations and so on.

An application under the sapphire glass casts an almost mystic shadow on the watch face depending on the angle of the incidence of the light. Various engravings are also possible on the decorative bezel, the rotor and on the rear of the casing.

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