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About us


In the age of digitisation, our wristwatches have a completely different significance to 20 years ago. Whoever chooses a wristwatch nowadays, makes a choice for time. They live emotions, and love the aesthetic and artistically diverse. SARO-Gem’s wristwatches, which show the time, take this a step further.

The uniqueness

SARO-Gem's sapphire watch bracelets, unique worldwide, give each model an individual character. We only work with materials of the best quality, with great care and a wealth of experience. SARO-Gem watches are not mass-produced, but crafted according to your wishes.

The customer contact

Behind every SARO-Gem customer there is a story, emotions, from which a unique sapphire wristwatch is created in personal consultation with the customer. We work with great passion and precision to ensure that your SARO-Gem becomes your trusted daily companion. Our service goes beyond sales.

The credo

It is passion, a love of beauty and a fascination with time that constantly drive me forward. For me, my work with watches is a quest for perfection. SARO-Gem stands for emotion, individuality, zeitgeist, quality and reliability.


This is my credo – and my guarantee.
Rolf von Burg, proprietor

Rolf von Burg - Ye
+41 32 644 32 44
Silvia von Burg - Ye
Sales Director
+41 32 644 32 44

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